Wood Finishes

We offer different wood finishes to complement both your fabric or leather selection and upholstery style. Our three options are Standard Finishes, Premium Finishes, and Custom Finishes.

Standard Finishes

Standard wood and paint finishes are available at no additional charge. Images of these finishes are shown and labeled below.

Premium Finishes

Due to the amount of time and the labour-intensive nature of premium finishes, there is an surcharge fee, which is noted in your price book. Pricing will vary per model. Please refer to your style choice in your price book for the applicable charges. You will find the premium finishes below.

Custom Finishes

To fully customize your order, we allow you, the customer, to supply a wood sample or paint chip for custom finishes. As there is development time associated with a custom finish, we apply a flat rate for all models.

Please note that orders with custom finishes typically take two to four weeks longer for manufacturing.