Discover the Most Popular Ottoman Picks Among Interior Designers in Canada!


Ottomans are an understated piece of furniture that can tie together a room and add a beautiful, practical touch to a space. We offer a wide range of ottomans and benches from footstool ottomans to storage benches to ottomans with a built-in shelf. 

At Vogel, we specialize in creating custom furniture, built to your exact specifications. Since every piece is handcrafted and bench-made in Toronto, we can tailor furniture to the smallest details. You can choose the cover of your choice with over 300 leather and fabric options, or you can bring your own. Customize your ottoman by choosing nail head trim, wood finish, welt, and size. Learn more about customization with Vogel and the available options.

Top 5 Canadian-Made Ottomans Among Designers

To showcase some available options, we have compiled a list of 5 designer favourite ottomans and benches that cover a variety of design styles, shapes, and functions.

The Kingston Ottoman 

The Kingston is a versatile ottoman that can serve as an ottoman, a coffee table, or a shelf, making it an efficient use of space. The Kingston comes with a wood table insert so it can function as a tabletop for items. It also comes standard with a wooden shelf for books or décor with the option to remove it.

This mid-century modern inspired ottoman adds a touch of maturity and elegance to any room. The square shape and angled legs make for a distinguished profile, while the cushioned top creates a comfortable, soft look and feel. The Kingston is available in a variety of sizes and lends a sophisticated feel to a space.


The Havana Bench 

The Havana upholstered bench is another versatile piece that can serve as seating in many rooms of the house. This minimalist design can be added to any room easily for some extra pizazz and seating. The Havana is available in a variety of widths and a plethora of covering choices.  

The modern, clean lines of the Havana mesh well with the rounded edges to create a soft, cozy feel. This would work great as a living room bench, nursery bench, or in any room that needs more seating. We specialize in seating at Vogel and ensure the Havana bench will be a comfortable choice that will last for years. 


The Cambridge Ottoman & The Carlisle Ottoman 

The Cambridge and Carlisle ottomans are sister designs and serve as an honorary bonus entry to our top 5 list! Both are elegant, round ottomans, with differing upholstered tops. The Cambridge features a hand-tufted top and the Carlisle comes with a smooth, flat top. Both serve as a traditional-style ottoman with some added interest due to the rounded shape and extra detailing available for the top. 

Due to their large size, these ottomans work well as a footstool, seating, or as a coffee table. The Cambridge and Carlisle are available in two diameters. Choose which of these elegant ottomans works best for your space, with or without the tufted top. 


The Naples Storage Bench 

The Naples is a stand-out piece as it serves as not only a comfortable bench, but a luxurious storage space with a fully upholstered interior. This highly practical piece can be used in an entryway, living room, bedroom, and others to store a variety of items. The Naples comes in fully customizable dimensions so that you can create a storage bench perfectly tailored for your space. It comes standard with soft close hinges to ensure a quiet and seamless experience accessing items.  

The modern, clean look of the Naples makes it a great bench and storage addition to any room. Choose the fabric or leather of your choice to create the Naples bench that’s needed. 


The Broadway Ottoman 

The Broadway is a Scandinavian-style ottoman that offers plush elegance to a room. This modern, oversized piece makes any space look comfortable with its pillowy top and wide base. The wide feet make it a sturdy, stable option, great as a footstool ottoman or as a low seating option.  

The Broadway ottoman is part of the client-favourite Broadway collection. The ottoman can be paired with the Broadway sectional, loveseat, sofa, or chair to create a cohesive look or paired with a different style to create a curated look. This large, elegant piece has everything you’d expect in an ottoman, in a beautiful, customizable package. 


These are 5 of some of our most popular ottoman and bench designs, chosen for their versatility, style, and comfort. These serve as excellent choices that can work in a variety of rooms and with a variety of purposes, although they can also serve as just a starting point for your creative journey. Take these ottomans as inspiration and come up with your own custom ottoman or bench and we will make it come to life. We are happy to work with you to create the ottoman that is perfect for the space you are envisioning.

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