Explore the Finest Finds at a Canadian Furniture Store

Crafting Comfort: The Story Behind Vogel, Canada’s Beloved Furniture Store

At Vogel, we don’t just create upholstered custom-built furniture; we craft pieces of art that tell a story of quality, craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail. Each piece of Vogel furniture is Canadian-made and handcrafted in our Toronto furniture shop, with a level of care and dedication that sets us apart.

Discover the story behind each handcrafted Vogel piece:

  Explore the Finest Finds at a Canadian Furniture Store

Handcrafted Quality:  

Every Vogel piece is individually handcrafted and bench-made, ensuring that each item receives our undivided attention, even down to the finest details. This hands-on approach guarantees that every piece meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.  

We use only the highest-grade materials, from the frames to the fabrics, to ensure superior comfort and quality while maintaining pleasing aesthetics. To help bring your vision to life, our furniture is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the fabrics, wood finishes, and accent details for each piece.  

Canadian furniture manufacturer handcrafted quality at Vogel

Exceptional Craftsmanship: 

Our master craftspeople are true artisans with decades of experience and a passion for their craft. They bring their expertise to every piece they create, ensuring each Vogel piece is a work of art.  

Each Vogel piece is handcrafted by our experienced team, giving us complete flexibility to customize your custom-built furniture so it’s just how you’d like it. From the initial design to the final finishing touches, our craftspeople take pride in their work, creating furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional. 

exceptional craftsmanship at Vogel Toronto furniture manufacturing shop

Superior Frame Construction: 

We incorporate a blend of high-quality materials into our frame construction, including kiln-dried hardwoods and engineered wood, along with walnut and/or metal, for enhanced durability and style. All our frames are screwed, glued, and stapled for superior reinforcement and stability. We can even customize the size of your piece so it fits perfectly in your space. 

Our internal suspension systems are engineered to the individual piece based on size, styling, and comfort, ensuring that each piece is built to last. While we prefer to use springs for support due to their superior performance over webbing, some frame designs may not accommodate springs. In such cases, we adapt our approach accordingly. 

Comfort Focused: 

Comfort is key when it comes to furniture, and we take it seriously at Vogel. Our seat cushions are specifically designed for each style, with a minimum density of 2.5 pounds to ensure lasting comfort and support.

Additionally, we provide luxurious upgrades such as feathers, down, or a blend of both, allowing you to personalize your seating experience. For our loose seat cushions, you can select from soft, standard, or firm options to ensure the perfect fit for your preferences. 

Vogel's custom built furniture is comfort focused

The Finishing Touches: 

After selecting your preferred style and comfort, you can personalize your Vogel furniture with over 300 leather and fabric options or even provide your own materials. Our in-house finishing department takes care of all the final touches, including wood and metal finishes, nail head trims, piping, and welt, ensuring that your piece is truly unique and reflects your personal style. 

Looking for a specific design you don’t see in our line? We even offer custom designed upholstered furniture. Ask our team

Applying the Upholstery: 

For precise material cutting, we use CNC technology to ensure the best yield. While some leather applications may benefit from hand cutting for cleaner hides, CNC is typically the most efficient method. 

Every piece we build involves sewing, from simple dining chairs to sofas with loose cushions. Upholstery remains a manual process, as certain details require the human touch to ensure perfect alignment and attention to detail. 

Our team of master craftspeople meticulously pattern-match your pieces to create seamless, identical designs, ensuring every element aligns flawlessly for a polished finish. From start to finish, our dedicated craftspeople work tirelessly to bring your vision to life with unparalleled precision and expertise. 

At Vogel, we are Canadian furniture manufacturers that are passionate about creating outstanding custom-built furniture that anyone would be proud to have in their home. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Experience the Vogel difference today and bring home a piece of furniture that’s as unique and individual as you are. 

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