14101 Birkley Sofa

Style #14101

You can order this classic design as a sofa or a loveseat, but once you see it and sit in it you’ll want to have one of each. Both come standard with 100% feather-filled back pillows, for years of durable comfort. Both can be customized with your choice of upholstery and wood finish. You might consider a different covering for each, or coordinate them as a set. Choose a neutral fabric and then dress them up with patterned or bright-coloured throw cushions, or choose a bold colour or pattern with no need for accents.

  • Standard with 100% feather-filled back pillows
  • Available with 3 seats, 2 setas, or a single bench seat. Please specify on your PO
    • Comes standard with seat cushions unless otherwise specified
  • Matching loveseat (14201)

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