18908 Ruby Swivel Chair

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Discover Unparalleled Comfort and Style with the Ruby Swivel Accent Chair

Enhance Your Space with Elegant curvesĀ and Cozy Seating. Create a Perfectly Harmonized Accent Swivel Chair Tailored to Your Unique Style and Space.

This swivel accent chair is a beloved choice known for its exceptional comfort and timeless charm. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into any room, effortlessly complementing any style of decor. Serving as an accent chair, it effortlessly adds a final touch of elegance without occupying excessive space.

The chair’s gentle, inviting curves and unique barrel design create a cozy and snug seating experience. But the chair’s appeal doesn’t end there. In addition to its comfort, this practical and contemporary design incorporates a swivel feature, enhancing its functionality and convenience.

With thisĀ fully customizable upholstered accent swivel chair, you have the opportunity to carefully select your ideal Ruby Chair by exploring a diverse range of styles and colors for the covering. Choose from over 300 in-house covering options or bring your own! The Ruby Swivel Accent Chair comes standard with a fully-upholstered swivel base in the same fabric of your choice. You have an abundance of choices at your disposal to craft an accent swivel chair that flawlessly harmonizes with your surroundings.

  • Standard with a fully-upholstered swivel base (in the same fabric)
  • Custom sizing is not available for this model
  • The frame is crafted from a combination of engineered and solid wood
  • Crafted in Canada

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