Spotting the Real Deal: A Guide to Evaluating Furniture Quality

When it comes to furnishing your home, the quality of your furniture is paramount. High-quality furniture not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also ensures durability and comfort for years to come. But how do you distinguish between well-crafted furniture and subpar imitations?  

In this guide, we’ll discuss key aspects to consider when evaluating furniture quality and share how Vogel, a Canadian-made furniture brand, upholds the highest industry standards. 

Key Factors in Evaluating Furniture Quality 

Here are five key factors to evaluate when analyzing a piece of furniture’s quality: 

1. Handcrafted Quality 

Handcrafted, bench-made furniture is a hallmark of superior quality. Unlike mass-produced items, handcrafted furniture pieces receive individual attention, ensuring meticulous detail and exceptional craftsmanship. Exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the details. Check for well-joined corners, smooth finishes, and carefully aligned patterns.  

At Vogel, every piece is handcrafted and bench-made by our master craftspeople, guaranteeing that each item meets our rigorous standards. This hands-on approach allows for greater customization and higher quality control. 

hand crafted furniture quality

2. Materials 

The materials used in furniture construction significantly impact its durability and comfort. Look for pieces made with high-grade materials, such as kiln-dried hardwoods for frames and high-density foam for cushions.  

Vogel only uses top-quality materials to ensure our furniture is comfortable and long-lasting. 

Vogel is a Canadian-made furniture brand that offer high-quality furniture made in Toronto

3. Frame Construction 

A sturdy frame is the backbone of any quality piece of furniture. High-quality frames are made from durable materials, such as kiln-dried hardwoods, for long-term support.  

Vogel’s frames combine kiln-dried hardwoods, engineered wood, and metal or walnut accents for enhanced durability and style. Our internal suspension systems are tailored to each piece, ensuring optimal comfort and longevity. 

Vogel furniture quality of handcrafted furniture frames

4. Comfort 

Comfort is crucial in furniture, especially for pieces you’ll use daily. Cushion density and fill materials play a significant role in comfort.  

Vogel’s seat cushions are designed with a minimum density of 2.5 pounds, providing lasting support and comfort. We also offer luxurious upgrades such as feather, down, or a blend of both, allowing you to customize your seating experience to your preferences. 

high quality furniture made in Toronto

5. Customization 

Customization options allow you to create furniture that perfectly fits your style and space. A furniture manufacturer’s depth of customization can show the level of craftsmanship behind the furniture. 

At Vogel, we offer C.O.M (customer’s own material) as well as our own fabrics and leathers to help you create a unique piece. Our in-house finishing department handles all final touches, including wood and metal finishes, nail head trims, piping, and welt, ensuring your piece reflects your style. We offer custom sizing and can pattern-match your pieces for seamless, identical designs. Additionally, we can bring any custom-designed upholstered furniture to life. 

high-quality hand crafted furniture in Toronto

Vogel’s Quality Standards 

Evaluating furniture quality involves looking at the craftsmanship, materials, frame construction, comfort, and customization options. At Vogel, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards in all these areas, ensuring that every piece we create is a true masterpiece.  

When you choose Vogel, you’re choosing handcrafted quality, exceptional craftsmanship, superior construction, and personalized comfort.  

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